Music hall is typically a British phenomenon.  It had it’s origins in public houses in the 1830’s.  The type of entertainment included  popular songs, comedy and specialist acts.  By the 1850’s the music hall became so popular that purpose built theatres were constructed.  Some of the earliest were the  Canterbury Music Hall in Lambeth and The Middlesex, in Drury Lane, otherwise known as the 'Old Mo'.  By 1865 there were thirty-two music halls in London and this peeked by 1878 with 78 large music halls in London and about 300 smaller theatres around the country.

The songs that were sang at the music halls were type of songs that could have audience participation.  They usually consisted of versessang by the performer and then a rousing chorus which everyone could join in.  One of these songs was 'Champagne Charlie' sang by the great George Leybourne (1842-1884).  This also could be the first song to have product placement as Moet & Chandon asked him to use their product in his songs. 







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